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When I was a young consultant in the business world, I worried that being young might be a barrier to my success. Now that I am older, I’d be tempted to worry that people will think I am just an angry old man shouting at clouds. That’s if I hadn’t decided, in between those stages, to stop worrying about what others think, and simply concentrate on what I most want to share with the world.


Your voice should have an impact on the world.

Those two things are what I base my work with all individuals on: minimizing the noise caused by self-doubt and the urge to please others, and the expansion of their creative voice and impact in the world. Explore my free webinars and courses below.


The Conversation Series        

The Autobiography Process


Learning to Love Interviews: Developing confidence and ease in the midst of stress

Change Your World One Word at a Time: Finding the Author Within

Our clients say it best...

Thank you for all support on this journey. Very inspiring and so helpful for our professional - and also personal – lives.
Course Participant
I want to tell you that you are a great person and what you taught us is wonderful ! Thank you very much! I wish you the best of luck in all things!
Webinar Attendee
It was pleasure to work with you and the greatest compliment I can pay you, my friend, is that you helped me be true to myself , and just be me.
Course Participant

If we get the heart of what communication actually is and how it really can work effectively, it will enhance everything.


These three short videos are a good starting point if you are curious about how I can help.


The Three Relationships for Happiness

How Healthy are your Conversations?

Who do you listen to? An introduction to Ratty and Angelo



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