Any company is inevitably and unavoidably a channel for something. The more intentional you are about what you want to be a channel for, the better. The more clearly your employees know that the primary role they play is to be individual channels for that same organizational purpose (as opposed to thinking they are there to do a job), the better.

And the money? The money is created as a natural by-product of the value – the goodness – it brings to its customers.

How well that flow happens, how easily the formless flows through that channel into form – whether at the level of business revenues, individual well-being or customer delight - that’s how business can be a form for good. It’s all connected. Wealth and health share the same etymology: ‘weal’ = whole; full; abundant.

And good for each individual? 

The higher the consciousness you are coming from, and the gracefulness and ease with which it flows through you in your thoughts and actions, and so out into the world, that is your work.

Your job pays the bills. Your work brings you happiness.


Photo Credit: SHVETS Production